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Our Environmental Commitment

At we strive to be an industry leader in responsible, sustainable balloon practices.

Latex Balloons

100% biodedgradable latex balloons

At we use only 100% biodegrabable latex balloons. They are a natural product harvested from tree sap (sort of like maple syrup)! They contain no plastic or harmful additives and degrade in about as much time as an oak leaf. Trees planted for the production of latex balloons helps reduce CO2 emissions.


Abundant non-industrial grade helium

Did you know that less than 15% of helium mined is used in balloons?

While helium has many medical and industrial applications, the kind we use in balloons is called "Lift Grade" helium. When mining for industrial and medical grade helium, Lift Grade is collected as by-product which otherwise would go to waste as it lacks the purity needed for medical and industrial applications. In other words, helium used for balloons DOES NOT effect supply of helium for other applications.
That said, we are super proud to have launched a whole bunch of air filled products including balloon marquees and garlands. These products have the same wow-factor as our helium filled bouquets but contain little or no helium.


Proud member of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance

PEBA (Pro Envrironment Balloon Alliance) is the leading global organization of balloon professionals dedicated to ensuring environmentally responsible and sustainable balloon practices.
We are proud to work with PEBA as Canada's largest member organizaiton. As a member, we have pledged to not offer our balloons for releases, and promote and encourage environmentally responsible production, use and disposal of our products.


Our stance on Balloon Releases

As part of our commitment to responsible balloon practices, we do not offer our balloons for sale when the intended use is a balloon release. We believe strongly in the responsible use and disposable of balloons. Please do not release your balloons as they do eventually land and become litter.